1/8/2015 Owatonna, MN Blizzard & MSP De-Icing

Video shot in two locations.  First part was at the Minneapolis International Airport of Airplanes de-icing and ground operations.  Time code 00:00 to 1:37.

From 1:37 to the end was shot in southern Minnesota with the bulk of it in Owatonna, MN.

Clip 1 Minneapolis International Control Tower.

Clip 2 Minneapolis International Radar

Clip 3 Plane De-icing

Clip 4 Plane De-icing

Clip 5 – 6 Crews clearing the runway at the airport.

Clip 7 Plane De-Icing

Clip 8 Car in the ditch next to the airport.

Clip 9-10 Planes landing and pans to the car in the ditch.

Clip 11 Near Northfield, MN on Interstate 35, Traffic with a car in the ditch.

Clip 12 – 17 Near Northfield, MN Jack Knifed Semi Truck stuck in the ditch and being pulled out by a wrecker

Clip 18 – End.  Extreme blizzard conditions around Owatonna, MN with near whiteout conditions.