1/5/2015 Rice Lake, WI Sub Zero Morning B-roll

The big Chill hit the Rice Lake, WI area this morning with temps after sunrise in the negative nineteen below zero range.
clip 1.Bank temp.
clip 2. Person walking in the cold.
clip 3. Steam from river.
clip 4.Steam from smoke stack.
clip 5. Closer look at steam from smoke stack.
Clip 6-7. Steam by a dam.
Clip 8. Steam from man hole cover.
clip 9-10. Cars/trucks driving in the cold weather.
clip 11- 12. Icicles.
clip 13. Tip up flag blowing in the wind with blowing snow.
clip 14. Smoke from ice house with blowing snow.
clip 15. Tip up with blowing snow.
clip 16. Blowing snow.