1/1/2015 Rice Lake, WI First Snow of 2015

Scene 1. Bank temp with falling snow.
Scene 2. Flags blowing in the wind.
Scene 3. Cars driving in the first snowfall of 2015.
Scene 4. Car lot with snow covered cars and flags blowing in the wind with falling snow.
Scene 5.  Rice Lake\'s water tower.
Scene 6. Old building with snow falling.
Scene 7. Cars on Highway 53.
Scene 8. Truck on Rice Lake with ice house.
Scene 9. Car on lake with dog.
Scene 10. People enjoying the day on the lake.
Scene 11. Another shot of same people on the lake.
Scene 12. Dock on the shore.
Scene 13. Ballpark with light snow falling.
Scene 14. Another shot of of Highway 53.
Scene 15. A bigger flag blowing in the wind.