12/30/2014 Cherry Creek, NY Lake Effect Snow B-roll

Several feet of snow accumulation is expected in Upstate New York from heavy Lake Effect snow as cold Arctic air moves over the Great Lakes. Footage of heavy snow over Western New York South of Buffalo in/near town of Cherry Creek, NY with white-out conditions and snow-covered roads making holiday travel dangerous.

All footage shot at night on December 30, 2014 in Western New York and in/near Cherry Creek, NY.

Shot List:

1. wide POV driving shot of White-out conditions near Cherry Creek, NY

2 & 3. POV driving shots of heavy snow & traffic on I-90 in Western NY

4. Pushed-in shot of snow plow driving thru shot with heavy snow falling

5-7. various shots of cars driving in heavy falling snow with snow on roads in Cherry Creek, NY

8-13. various shots of heavy snow falling in Cherry Creek, NY

14. pushed-in shot of \"Cherry Creek\" sign with snow falling

15 & 16. various shots of heavy snow falling with street light

17-19. various POV driving shots with low visibility from heavy snow falling