12/27/2014 Oklahoma City OK Morning Snow B-roll

A surprise December snowstorm dumped 2-3" of snow across the Oklahoma City Metro Area on the morning of December 27, 2014. Some heavier totals were noted near Lake Overholser in the western parts of the Oklahoma City Metro Area.

Shot 1 – Snow falling near Putnam City West High School.

Shot 2 – Snow, Blowing snow with 30 mph winds on the Lake Overholser dam.

Shots 3 and 4 – Traffic moving on Rockwell Avenue and NW 23rd Street in Oklahoma City with snow falling.

Shot 5 – Traffic and snow falling near Lake Overholser.

Shot 6 – Snow falling in a park on the shores of Lake Overholser.

Shot 7 – Snow falling with ducks flying/enjoying the lake in cold conditions.

Shot 8 – Traffic on the lake road on Overholser.

Shot 9 – Snow falling with the famous route 66 bridge framed over the North Canadian/Lake Overholser.

Shot 10 – Traffic along old Route 66 in Bethany, OK.

Shot 11 – Snow falling with a large bird taking off and flying away.

Shots 12-14 – Snow falling in and around the parks on the west side of Lake Overholser.

Shot 15 – Blowing snow with 30 mph winds on the south side of the lake.