12/21/2014 Western Wisconsin Heavy Snow Burst B-roll

Video Package highlighting the very heavy wet snow bursts occurring in Western and Central Wisconsin with Snowfall rates in the heavy convective burst to near 1\"inch per hour quickly covering roadways in Snow and Ice making holiday travel dangerous and difficult!

Video Footage Includes:

1. Wisconsin DOT Snow plow close POV clearing state highways in the Balsam Lake Wisconsin area.

2. Very Heavy Snow burst with traffic struggling in the slick roads and low visibility.

3. Ultra Heavy Snow Burst with near fist size flakes!

4. Wisconsin DOT fighting back the slick heavy wet snow in a pass by POV with all blades down.

5. Bank Digital Thermometer showing freezing Temps and snow.

6. A local Wisconsin Resident in Osceola shoveling snow in front of his main street store front in heavy snow and in a Santa Hat!

7-12 Shots of heavy snow and difficult holiday travel.