12/13/2014 Twin Cities Warm Temps And Dense Fog – B-roll

Video Package Highlighting the near Record Breaking Warm Mid-December Temperatures that are being felt across the Upper Midwest Region this weekend as well as the dangerous travel that has developed due to a dense thick ground fog created via the very warm moist air riding over the frozen ground and rapidly melting snow cover.

Video Footage Includes:

1. Over Interstate Digital Sign in Downtown Minneapolis Alerting motorists of the Fog & Smog being created via the very warm temps in the area. A poor air quality alert is in effect!

2. Minneapolis skyline faintly visible in the thick dense fog and smog.

3. Thick Dense Fog cover in Minneapolis Minnesota with Cars driving with caution in the low visibility.

4. Vehicles disappear in the 1/4 mile visibility and dense fog.

5. Water running in the local streets and pouring into drains.

6. Water running into local streams heavily over rocks.

7. Local Temperature Sign showing neat 50 degrees in Mid December in Minneapolis.

8. MSP Airport air traffic slowing in the IFR thick dense fog with a dense fog alert out over the airfield.

9. Planes taking off and landing in the dense low visibility via fog.

10. MSP main runway landing with fog light approach lights on.

11. large flocks of American Robins make a return to the Minneapolis area in droves as the snow pack rapidly recedes.

12. Minneapolis waterfall flowing a a high rate for mid December as melting snow moves into the river system.

13. Multiple POV of the running water and minor flooding around the waterfall.

14. Coyotes have pushed out of hiding near lake Calhoun in Downtown Minneapolis and were out playing on the lakes frozen surface.

15. Interview with local residence on the Coyotes on the lake.

16. Runners and joggers out enjoying the warm spring like temperatures in Mid December in Minneapolis.