12/10/2014 Rochester, NY Winter Storm Hazards

Footage of traffic nightmare with many vehicles in ditches, highway medians, and smashed against guard rails from slick snow-covered highways in Rochester, NY.  At least 10 vehicles were stranded in ditches along a 1 mile stretch of Interstate 590 in Rochester. I-90 is shut down to tractor-trailer traffic and rush hour becomes gridlock in middle of storm.

All footage shot evening & night (daylight & darkness) of December 10, 2014 in Rochester, NY.

Shot List:

1. POV driving shot of car getting pulled out of highway median on I-90 (New York Thru Way) near Rochester, NY

2. driving shot of car trapped in highway median on I-90

3. driving shot of semi truck stranded off I-90 from slick snow-covered roadway

4. driving shot of car in ditch off I-490 in Rochester, NY

5. POV driving shot of damaged van with road flares stranded on I-490 after sliding into guard rail on snow-covered roadway

6. driving shot of semi truck stranded in median on I-490

7. slow-motion driving shot of semi truck stranded off I-90 with police car at scene

8 & 9. wide & pushed-in shots of stranded SUV on I-490 after sliding off snow-covered highway

10-14. various shots of car stranded in ditch off I-490 with driver & then tow vehicle at scene

15.driving shot of multiple vehicles stranded on side of I-490 after sliding off slick snow-covered roadway

16. driving shot of car half buried in snow in median on I-590 Rochester, NY

17. driving shot of car smashed against I-590 guard rail and Police vehicle at scene

18. shot of multiple car accident with stranded vehicles & emergency vehicles on I-590 in Rochester, NY

19. shot of car stranded in median with police assistance on I-590

20. driving shot of car stranded in ditch on I-590

21. wide shot with AUDIO of couple walking across snow-covered street in Downtown Rochester: Man,"This is freaking ridiculous!"  Woman,"O' my God!" Man,"Need a freakin' pair of snow shoes."  Woman,"I'm on the phone with my friend whos in Hawaii right now." Man,"Are you kidding me?  I don't want to talk to anybody that's in Hawaii!"

22. pushed-in shot of pedestrians walking in snow storm in downtown Rochester, NY

23-28. various shots of traffic on snow covered city streets of downtown Rochester, NY with heavy snow falling

29. POV driving shot of heavy near white-out snow in Rochester, NY

30. POV driving shot of electronic \"All Tandem Vehicles Banned on I-90…\" highway sign with snow-covered road on I-490 in Rochester, NY

31 & 32. POV shots of electronic \"Winter Storm Now Through Thursday\" highway sign on I-490 with heavy traffic in heavy snow Rochester, NY

33 & 34. POV driving shots of snow plows in snow storm in Rochester, NY

35-39. Various shots of very heavy traffic with heavy snow & snow covered highway I-490 at rush hour Rochester, NY