12/7/2014 Saint Cloud, MN Evening Freezing Rain, B-Roll

While most of the nation was enjoying nice calm weather, Central Minnesota was once again under the bulls-eye for winter travel nightmare as the freezing rain coated the area this evening.

As the sun set and the temperatures dropped to just below freezing, the freezing rain hit central Minnesota and created another travel headache.

Footage shot in the late afternoon and evening just after sunset around the Saint Cloud, MN area.

Clip 1 MNDot Sign on Interstate 94 warning of Slippery Conditions.

Clip 2 Roll over accident at Highway 10 and Highway 23 in Saint Cloud.

Clip 3 EMS on scene of the roll over.

Clip 4 Workers pull the vehicle back on it\'s wheels before removing it from the scene.

Clip 5 – 6 Car spun out and stuck in the center ditch on Highway 10.

Clip 7 POV shot on Interstate 94 of a car in the center ditch.

Clip 8 Sheriff on the scene of a crash.

Clip 9 Car stuck in the ditch on Highway 75 and the driver standing out waiting for a tow.

Clip 10 Car spun out on County Road 75.

Clip 11 Sheriff deputy on the scene of another crash on County Road 75.

Clip 12 Car from Clip 10 with a static shot of the driver and the car.

Clip 13 – 14 Driver waiting for the two truck and the two truck shows up.

Clip 15 Vehicle off road on Interstate 94.

Clip 16 Jackknifed 5th Wheel on Interstate 94 at Highway 15.

Clip 17 Vehicle in the ditch on County Road 75.

Clip 18 Vehicle in the ditch on Highway 23 and Highway 10.

Clip 19 – 21 Snow plows POV