11/19/2014 Lancaster, NY Cleanup B-Roll

Footage & Sound bites of RECORD-BREAKING snow cleanup, measurements, & locals in Lancaster, NY following record-breaking Lake Effect Snow event. Shots of \"Penguin Man\", bull dozers in \"snow canyon streets\", massive snow cornices on houses, buried car, and measuring the deep snow. Lancaster was reported by NWS to have 63 inches of snow accumulation from the storm.

All footage shot during daylight afternoon in Lancaster, NY on November 19, 2014

Shot List:

1 & 2. various shots of local man dressed as penguin walking roads of Lancaster

3 & 4. various shots of corniced roof with large ice sickles

5. pushed-in shot of van driving with 3-4 feet of snow accumulation on roof

6. pushed-in shot of locals walking down \"snow canyon\" street of Lancaster

7. pushed-in shot of front bull dozer creating \"snow canyon\" in neighborhood of Lancaster

8. pushed-in shot down \"snow canyon\" street at bull dozer moving snow

9. pushed-in shot down \"snow canyon\" at bull dozer

10. \"Snow cascade\" pushed-in shot of bull dozer moving large pile of snow in front of camera

11. pushed-in shot of nearly buried stop signs & bull dozer in \"snow canyon street\"

12-14. various shots of Lancaster resident shoveling driveway with walls of snow surrounding

15. SOUND BITE w/wide shot: \"my husband\'s job is plowing roads, he\'s coming home, so I better finish this soon\" while shoveling driveway with piles of deep snow

16. SOUND BITE w/pushed-in shot: \"hope my garage doesn\'t cave in\" w/pushed-in shot of snow-covered garage, unburied car, & dome of snow to left is buried car

17-19. SOUND BITES w/various shots: \"this is 2 yard sticks connected together\" w/shot of double yard sticks, shot of meteorologist Simon Brewer walking through deep untouched snow measuring depth, & \"38 inches\" w/pushed-in shot of 8 inches on second yard stick in snow measuring 38 inches

20 & 21. various shots of car stranded & covered in deep snow, making cleanup difficult with abandoned vehicles