11/17/2014 Douglas County, MN Blowing Snow B-Roll

With cold temps and winds blowing over 30 miles per hour, Mid November is feeling more like Mid January in central Minnesota. For the first time in years, Lake Osakis, has frozen over before Thanksgiving.

Clip 1 VO talking about the black ice on Interstate 94 with the blowing snow.

Clip 2 Black ice on Interstate 94

Clip 3 Stand up on Lake Osakis (OH SAY KISS) that has frozen over. This is the first time in years that the lake has frozen over this early.

Clip 4 Blowing snow on Lake Osakis

Clip 5 – 7 Crash in Interstate 94

Clip 8 State Trooper blocking traffic on Interstate 94

Clip 9 – 18 Various shots of Blowing Snow

Clip 19 POV Snow plow

Clip 20 POV Blowing snow

Clip 21 Crash on 94

Clip 22 Crash on 94

Clip 23 POV Blowing snow.