11/11/2014 Saint Cloud, MN Snow Storm Aftermath B-Roll

The day after Saint Cloud, MN was hit with a major snow storm, the roads are still a mess as that area digs out of over a foot of snow.

Clip 1 Car in the ditch as a snow plow comes towards it on Interstate 94

Clip 2 This snow blower becomes leaf blower as piles of left over leafs that were pushed into the streets were pushed back by the snow plows.

Clip 3 Pickup truck with a plow on it cleaning up a parking lot

Clip 4 Car stuck in a ditch

Clip 5 Overhead show of a snow plow clearing packed snow from Interstate 94

Clip 6 POV show of snow plow clearing the roads in Saint Cloud, MN

Clip 7 Snow plow having to go around parked cars on the streets

Clip 8 Tight shot of the snow plow blade moving around a parked car

Clip 9 Tight shot of the salt spreader

Clip 10 Snow plow on Interstate 94

Clip 11 Someone riding a snow mobile in Saint Cloud.