11/10/2014 Saint Cloud, MN Winter Storm Bad Roads B-Roll

As the major winter storm slams Minnesota, Saint Cloud picked up over 13 inches of snow today. Roads were impacted heavily with ice and snow which made for dangerous driving conditions.

Clip 01 Snow plow moving towards the camera from a overhead bridge.

Clip 02 POV shot with VO talking about the storm.

Clip 03 Driving in whiteout conditions with VO about it.

Clip 04 – 10 Interstate 94 shut down due to a jack knife trail.

Pull back shot of all the traffic backed up.

Woman cleaning the wiper blades

State Patrol on the scene of the wreck

Another car in the ditch next to the jack knife

Tight shot of the state patrol and the trailer

Wide shot of the whole scene

Wider shot of the whole scene

Clip 10 Wide shot passing a snow plow.

Clip 11 Pan shot right of a truck in the ditch

Clip 12 – 13 Truck spinning it\'s wheels

Clip 14 Snow Plow

Clip 15 Car stuck in the snow.

Clip 16 Sign falling apart in the winds and snow

Clip 17 Blowing snow across a field

Clip 18 Blowing snow across the Stick Works sculpture at Saint Johns University.

Clip 19 Car stuck in the ditch

Clip 20 Car stuck in the ditch

Clip 21 Truck stuck in the ditch

Clip 22 POV shot of blowing snow on Interstate 94