10/2/2014 West Frankfort, IL Street Flooding

Strong storms moved across southern Illinois ahead of a cold front that is expected to bring a second round of storms to the region later tonight.  A severe thunderstorm watch was in effect for southern Illinois through 9pm Thursday.  Storms that moved through early in the afternoon dropped nearly an inch of rain in 30 minutes.

Video package shot in West Frankfort, IL in southern Franklin County.  This is located approximately 2 hours southeast of St. Louis.

Scene 1-3: Shots of storm clouds as they approach the town of West Frankfort.

Scene 4: Oncoming traffic plowing through flooded roadways.

Scene 5: Various vehicles driving through flood waters in a West Frankfort intersection.

Scene 6: Oncoming pickup traffic in the flood waters.

Scene 7: Vehicle turning through street flooding.

Scene 8: Wide shot of flooded intersection with traffic.

Scene 9: Oncoming car through flood waters.

Scene 10-13: Various shots of traffic driving through waters.

Scene 14: Panning shot of overflowing sewer lid.

Scene 15: Static shot of water coming up from sewer lid.

Scene 16-18: Various shots of high winds in the trees.