10/2/2014 North Texas High Winds & Damage B-Roll

Powerful severe thunderstorms cause widespread damage over North Texas.  Footage of severe winds blowing debris, powerflashes, damaged gas station, fallen trees, and damaged home and ranches, cleanup crew, frequent lightning, fire caused by lightning, and a double rainbow in and near Sulphur Springs, TX.

All shots taken during daylight on evening of October 2, 2014 in or near Sulphur Springs, TX

1. POV driving shot of severe thunderstorm shelf cloud bearing down on Sulpher Springs, TX
2. pushed-in shot of blowing debris and bending flag from severe high winds
3. pushed-in shot of powerflash behind shaking stop sign with blowing debris
4. pushed-in shot of blowing power lines with blowing debris
5-9. various shots of close lightning bolts
10. POV driving shot of heavy rain, hail, & high winds
11. POV driving shot pulling into damaged gas station from severe winds
12-14. various shots of wind-damaged sign hanging in wind with lightning flashes
15-26. various shots of damage caused by severe winds to gas station in Sulphur Springs, TX
27 & 28. various shots of fallen tree over highway near Sulphur Springs, TX
29. pushed-in shot of emergency crew clearing debris from highway near Sulphur Springs, TX
30 & 31. Various shots of trampoline overturned next to road blown over 100 meters by severe winds
32 & 33. various shots of grain bin tossed over road from severe winds
34 & 35. various shots of large fallen tree on top of Recreational Vehicle (RV)
36-38. various shots of barn wild fire supposedly caused by lightning
39 & 40. Various shots of rainbow near sunset behind line of thunderstorms near Sulphur Springs, TX
41. wide shot of dramatic stormy sky behind line of severe thunderstorms near Sulphur Springs, TX
42. pushed-in shot of \"Sulphur Springs\" highway city sign in Sulphur Springs, TX