9/27/2014 Phoenix, AZ Severe Storms, Flooding, And Storm Damage

A powerful line of severe storms pounded the Phoenix, AZ Metro area this afternoon with damaging high winds, heavy rains and flash flooding.

Footage shot on the west side of Phoenix, AZ.

Clip 1 Transformers or power lines exploding at 35th and McDowell in Phoenix while looking to the west.  

Clip 2 Slow motion and cropped HD footage of the transformer and power lines exploding as debris hits them.

Clip 3 Vivid Cloud to ground lightning at I-10 and Jackrabbit Trail looking west over the city of Buckeye.

Clip 4-6 Dramatic storm clouds west of Phoenix as the severe storms moved into the area.

Clip 7 Pulled over on I-10 due to heavy rain and high water on the interstate.

Clip 8 Wall cloud moving into the Phoenix, AZ area.

Clip 9 High winds blasting the area at I-10 and 35th Avenue.

Clip 10 Traffic on I-10 in the middle of the storm.

Clip 11-12 High winds blasting the area and slamming the trees.

Clip 13 POV shot of driving in the heavy rain on I-10

Clip 14 POV shot of driving in the heavy rain on I-10

Clip 15 POV shot of driving in the heavy rain and flooded roadway on I-10

Clip 16 POV shot of people driving through flooded out roads.

Clip 17 – 18 Heavy rain falls on Interstate 10.  Biker waits out the rain under an overpass.

Clip 19 – 22 Traffic driving through the flooded streets of Phoenix, AZ.

Clip 23 The rain and flooding was so heavy, it blew this man hole cover off the roadway.

Clip 24 – 27 Power is out to the stop lights and traffic is not sure what to do.

Clip 28 – 29 Debris on the roadway.

Clip 30 – 36  Trees down and storm damage

Clip 37 Wide shot of the storm over one of the mountains around Phoenix.