9/26/2014 Sarasota, FL Overnight Flooding

Overnight HD video of areal flooding in downtown Sarasota, Sarasota Florida. Thunderstorms flood and close roads and snarl traffic.

Shot List:
1) Traffic in heavy rain downtown.
2,3) Low angle shots of traffic in flooded US41 splashing camera.
4,5) Traffic splashing in flooded US41.
6) Side shot of traffic splashing in US41.
7) Police car thru frame with flashing light moving to block road.
8) Police car blocking flooded road.
9) Woman with umbrella walking in flooded intersection.
10) Car in flooded intersection.
11) Truck moves thru flooded intersection.
12,13,14) Three shots of cars in flooded intersection.
15,16) Traffic on roads in heavy rain.