9/20/2014 Willmar, MN Severe Thunderstorm B-Roll

For much of the afternoon, severe storms marched through the central part of the state of Minnesota from the North Dakota and South Dakota Boarder.  

The footage in this package was shot just north of the City of Willmar, MN as the severe storm moved through the area.   The high winds and pea sized hail ripped down a lot of the early fall colors from the tree's in the area.

Clip 1 POV driving shot as we were diving west towards the storm north of Willmar, MN.

Clip 2 Low hanging clouds with some rising motion to the west.

Clip 3 Pan shot of the low clouds

Clip 4 Tight shot of the low handing clouds with the heavy rain and hail behind it.

Clip 5 Driving under the heart of the storm as straight line high winds start to rip the leafs off the tree's and blows debris across the roadway.

Clip 6 POV Driving shot towards debris in the roadway.

Clip 7 Hail starts falling on the truck.  Pea Sized Hail.

Clip 8 Heavy Pea Sized Hail, high winds and heavy rain.

Clip 9 Heavy rain, Pea Sized Hail and fall colors as hail bounces off the side window of the Jeep.

Clip 10-11 Heavy rain falling with pea sized hail hitting the roadway from the drivers side window with fall colors in the back ground.

Clip 12 After the heavy rain and high winds, the road was covered in the fall colors that were ripped off the trees.

Clip 13 – 15 Clouds with rapid movement after the worst of the storms passed the area.