Thayer County, Nebraska Tornado Warned Storm

1,2) A semi truck driver tries to navigate the highway through strong thunderstorm winds.

3) POV shot driving through strong winds and small hail.

4) Rain foot on a tornado warned thunderstorm showing the strong outflow winds.

5) Updraft base on a tornado warned storm in Thayer, County Nebraska.

6) Strong winds at the Kansas/Nebraska border.

7) An older model Camero driving through strong winds and small hail.

8) POV shot driving in heavy hail.

9,10) shots of hail falling along the highway.

11,12) Gust front shots.

13,14) Pan shot of gust front.

15) Gust front shot.

16) Gustnado spinning up in a field.

17) Clouds racing southeast due to thunderstorm outflow.

18,19) Shots of a hotel sign damaged by strong winds in Belleville, Kansas.