9/6/2014 Phoenix, AZ Haboob – Massive Dust Storm B-roll

What looked more like Hollywood special effects from the movie "The Mummy" happened naturally over the landscape in the Phoenix, AZ metro area as a massive dust storm or Haboob moved over the region.

Package has two parts, part one is time lapse showing the massive dust storm rolling over the landscape.

Part two is real time clips edited together.

Clip 1 – 3 Time Lapse footage at 2000% of the normal speed.

Clip 4 POV clip driving towards the Haboob

Clip 5 – 7 Tripoded shots of the Haboob moving into the Phoenix, AZ area.

Clip 8 Tripoded shot of the other side of the Haboob moving into the Fountain Hills area.

Clip 9 In downtown Phoenix, AZ looking up at Palm Tree's as the dust blocks out the sun.

Clip 10 The dust storm blocks out the sun over the playground as the lights come on due to the low visibility,

Clip 11 – 12 Palm trees in with the dusty sky in the back ground in the low visibility.

Clip 13 Downtown Phoenix, AZ as the dust starts to clear out as drivers navigate the city streets.

Clip 14 – 15 Traffic with dust in the air at sunset in downtown Phoenix, AZ.

Clip 16 Flag blowing in the wind

Clip 17 – 19 POV shots driving on the 202 into downtown Phoenix, AZ as the Haboob was moving into the area.