8/31/2014 Wright County MN Storms B-roll

B-roll footage of the severe storm that moved through Wright County, MN with footage of the storm front, lightning and heavy rain form the dash camera.

Clip 1 POV Dash Camera footage of the storms firing while driving on Interstate 94

Clip 2-3 Storms firing with the first Meso on the Stearns County and Wright County line.

Clip 4 Lowering along the gust front. SLC or Scary Looking Clouds but nothing to worry about.

Clip 5 Shelf Cloud pan to right and pan back.

Clip 6 POV Dash Cam Lightning

Clip 7 Looking up at a tall antenna with lightning missing the antenna from clip 6

Clip 8-9 POV Dash camera of lightning looking out and looking up.

Clip 10 – 15 POV Dash camera shots driving in heavy rain.