8/18/2014 Twin Cities Metro Flash Flooding B-Roll

Video footage from this early evening of quick & hard hitting near severe thunderstorms that moved into the northern Twin Cities metro area right at the peak of the evening commuter rush hour. The storms produced significant flash flooding in the urban metro areas along with some small hail and strong gusty winds that took down some large trees and lots of debris.

Video Footage includes:

1. Shots of vehicles driving and plowing through up to 2 feet of water covering the major roadways in the north metro area. Some launching water over 10 feet into the air and nearly stalling out!

2. Commuters driving during the peak of the storm with intense heavy rainfall, 50 MPH winds and small hail.

3. Shots of trees bending and flags erratic in the strong winds.

4. Gutters and sewers overflowing along with people on foot getting soaked and caught off guard.

5. Shot of large tree damage and branches down into the roadway right after the rains had passed.

6. Shots of the exiting supercell itself with a visible hail shaft and a vibrant rainbow in the near distance.

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