8/15/2014 Flordia, FL Heavy Rain B-Roll

Lunch hour commute in southwest Florida was very with tropical downpours. Dash cam, rear view cam shots of traffic in very heavy rain. Traffic splash shots.

Shot List:

1) \"FL Law headlights on in rain\" highway safety sign on I75.
2) Guy riding motorcycle on shoulder of I75 riding in heavy rain and no helmet nor rain gear.
3,4,5,6) Dash cam shots of traffic in very heavy rain in I75.
7) White truck in heavy rain on Clark Rd and lightning flash.
8) Rear view cam shot of wet ride on I75.
9) Another dash cam shot of wet I75.
10) Traffic waiting in heavy rain and traffic light.
11,12) Two shots of tropical rain clouds.
13,14) Two shots of traffic splashing on side roads in rain and ponding water.