7/12/2014 Urbana, IL Flood & Dixon, IL Wall Clouds

Package includes early afternoon flooding from Urbana, Illinois and wall cloud/funnel cloud from near Dixon late afternoon/early evening.

PART 1: Urbana, IL Early Afternoon Flooding
(timecode 0:00-3:55)

The morning storms responsible for prompting flash flood warnings finally waned toward and after the lunch hour, but not after leaving as much as half a foot of rain in places, leading to numerous highways closed across Champaign County.  This footage was shot in the early afternoon as the storms wrapped up and after they moved on.

Scene 1: Wide shot in Urbana neighborhood showing three people wading through a street of waste-deep water and a minivan that stalled at the intersection.

Scene 2-3: Two shots of people wading through the waste deep water in the street, one show with a mailbox to compare.

Scene 4: Tight shot on two people in the water held, then panning out to show entire scene of flooding in the neighborhood street.

Scene 5: Tight shot of minivan stalled in the water.

Scene 6: Shot of front bumper of stalled minivan as water laps up from passing cars.

Scene 7: A black car nearly stalling out blowing smoke out of its exhaust before it\'s able to push forward, meanwhile traffic in the flood waters around it.

Scene 8: A car takes on a large wave of water as it drives through flooding.

Scene 9: Two oncoming vehicles in flood waters.

Scene 10: Tight shot of Mercedes car driving through flood waters.

Scene 11-13: Shots of homes flooded in the neighborhood.

Scene 14-15: Two shots of a woman in a flooded apartment parking lot, one wide and another tight as she walks through the water.

Scene 16: Low shot of a minivan driving through residential road flooding.

Scene 17-19: Various shots of vehicles driving through a residential area flooded by the earlier rains.

Scene 20-21: Two shots of residential streets that look like rivers due to the nearly half a foot of rain that fell into the early afternoon.

Scene 22-23: Shots of a flooded park after the rains, including on panning across the park.

PART 2: Dixon, IL Late Afternoon/Evening Wall Clouds, Funnel
(timecode 3:55-5:00)

Storms struggled most of the day across Iowa and Illinois, but produced brief funnels and strong winds as they pushed over the border into Illinois.  This storm was severe-warned near Davenport and crossed the river into Illinois with a persistent area of rotation and produced several wall clouds and even a funnel.

Scene 24: Shot of developing wall cloud with lightning strike south of Dixon.

Scene 25-26: Two shots of a developing funnel cloud south of Dixon, including a very tight shot.

Scene 27: POV shot of large wall cloud over the road south of Dixon.

Scene 28: Wide POV shot of wall cloud and storm structure south of Dixon.

Scene 29: Shot of wall cloud south of Dixon.