7/7/2014 Iowa River Flooding Iowa City, IA

Flooding from the active storm pattern in the upper Midwest leads to street closures and sandbagging around Iowa City as the Iowa River continues to rise.

Scene 1: A pan from a downtown bridge to a swollen dam

Scene 2: Dangerous rapids

Scene 3: A log is caught in the undertow

Scene 4: Wide shot of log and turbulent river

Scene 5: A University of Iowa building sits precariously close to the Iowa River

Scene 6: Cars crossing a bridge with high water

Scene 7: View of the river from Downtown Iowa City

Scene 8: Traffic detours around Dubuque St. closed due to high water

Scene 9: A student braves the flood water with his shoes off

Scene 10: Sand bags protect the University of Iowa buildings

Scene 11: Sand bags along the Iowa River

Scene 12: Sand bags along the Iowa River

Scene 13: Pedestrians observing the river

Scene 14: A flooded Crandic Park sign

Scene 15: Wide shot of Crandic Park sign