7/3/2014 Hurricane Arthur Surf City, NC outer eye wall feeder bands.

Footage of dangerous Hurricane Arthur feeder bands coming on shore over Surf City, NC bringing high winds, massive waves, with some 4th of July vacationers defying the storm, while others evacuate. Footage of people with defiant signs on storm-battered beach, and cars evacuating this North Carolina barrier Island.

All shots during afternoon daylight on July 3, 2014 at Surf City, NC

Shot List:

1. 4 teenagers hold \"Bring it on Hurricane Arthur\" sign on beach with waves & feeder band storms in background at Surf City, NC
2. pushed-in shot of 4th of July beach goers at Surf City Beach, NE with wind blown sand & furious waves
3. shot of massive waves hitting pier with people on pier watching
4. pushed-in shot of large waves hitting pier posts
5. wide shot of people on Surf City pier with massive waves dangerously crashing underneath
6. pushed-in shot of large waves crashing under Surf City, NC pier
7. pushed-in shot of Hurricane Warning flags furiously flapping in high winds from Hurricane Arthur at Surf City, NC
8. pushed-in shot of Hurricane warning flag flapping in winds
9. shot of dark feeder band cloud base at Surf City, NC
10. pushed-in shot of dark menacing feeder band storm base over road with cars driving over Surf City, NC
11. pushed-in shot of line of cars evacuating Surf City, NC with \"Evacuation Route\" sign in foreground
12. wide shot of cars evacuating Surf City, NC with \"Evacuation Route\" sign in foreground

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