6/30/2014 Muscatine IA Flash Flooding B-Roll

A line of severe storms that developed early in the morning in Nebraska pushed across the entire state of Iowa, hitting areas hard with high winds and flooding rains. As the line moved east, it hit the town of Muscatine, IA, approximately 25 miles west/southwest of Davenport along the Mississippi River. Over an inch of rain fell in less than 30 minutes leading to flash flooding in the city. A Flash Flood Warning was issued for the line as it moved in.

Scene 1: Shot of people helping a girl crawl through a window from a stalled car in the high waters along Business Route 61 (E. Mississippi Drive). Shot pans with the people as they run across the waters.

Scene 2: People helping a guy out of the car.

Scene 3: Wide shot as girl approaches stalled car.

Scene 4: A guy walks into the waste deep waters.

Scene 5: A passing vehicle splashes water on a stalled car and bobs it up and down in the water.

Scene 6: A pickup truck sits next to the stranded car.

Scene 7: An SUV turns around in the water and goes up over the curb.

Scene 8: The SUV turning around in the high water as the stalled car bobs up and down.

Scene 9: A pick-up truck drives through the high waters.

Scene 10: Wide shot of closed road with stalled car and cop in the background.

Scene 11: Shot of water racing down the sidewalk.

Scene 12: Shot of rushing water down the sidewalk at a pickup truck parked.

Scene 13: Close up shot of rushing water passed a parked car.

Scene 14-15: Wide shots of flood waters and traffic during the storm.

Scene 16: POV of approaching storm clouds to Muscatine.

Scene 17-18: Shots of a stopped car with emergency flashers on the side of US-61 approaching Muscatine.

Scene 19-20: Wide and tight shot of a powerline bouncing wildly in the wind.

Scene 21: POV driving through town with winds and rain.

Scene 22: Shot panned up to a restaurant as flags and wind blow.

Scene 23: Flooded street with minor tree damage.

Scene 24-25: Shot of a large tree branch down on a fence.

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