6/19/2014 Big Sioux River Iowa & South Dakota Record Flood

Footage of houses & farms under water, stranded fish, water rushing over highways & bridges, a large whirlpool, flowing debris & a temporary levee being built over Interstate 29 to protect Sioux City, IA as record flooding strikes the Big Sioux River along the Iowa & South Dakota border!  A state of emergency is declared for South Dakota as a section of Interstate 29 in Southeast South Dakota is closed for several days & National Guard troops build a temporary levee over the Interstate highway to divert water over Interstate 29 away from North Sioux City as the Big Sioux River is expected to crest at a record 109 ft deep.

All shots during afternoon daylight on June 19, 2014 near Jefferson, SD & Sioux City, IA & North Sioux City, SD near Highway 3 & 12, and Interstate 29.