6/1/2014 Grant County Kansas Hail, Wind and Storm Rotation B-Roll

Severe thunderstorms developed on Sunday afternoon/evening over southwest Kansas. This storm was tornado warned for a brief time, but mainly created dust underneath the storm along with small hail.

Shot List

1) A severe thunderstorm west of Garden City, Kansas.

2) Dust under the updraft base on a tornado warned storm.

3) A zoomed in shot on the dust.

4) Updraft base and dust shot.

5) Turbulent clouds in the updraft region of the severe thunderstorm.

6) Passing a semi truck with a column of dust at the ground.

7) Driving through rain and wind as we approach the dust being kicked up at the surface.

8) A closer shot of the dust cloud on the ground.

9) Updraft base on the severe thunderstorm.

10) More dust being kicked up by the storm to the south.

11) Driving shot while looking south at the dust underneath the storm (long clip).

12) Dust being pushed south by the thunderstorm.

13) Updraft base shot.

14) Column of dust rising up from the ground towards the updraft base.

15) Small hail and rain.

16) Hail bouncing on a dirt road.

17) Storm base to the south with a lowering.

18,19) High based rotation on the back end of the thunderstorm.