6/1/2014 Clark County Kansas Hail Storm and High Winds B-Roll

A severe thunderstorm on the tail end of a squall line in Kansas produced large hail and over 70mph winds in southwest Kansas. Numerous power poles were reported down and some communities were left in the dark Sunday night due to the power outages.

1) Storm base shot.

2,3) Driving towards a severe thunderstorm with blowing dust ahead.

4,5,6) Driving in heavy rain and strong thunderstorm winds.

7) Strong thunderstorm winds and rain. A 74 mph wind gust was reported a few miles northwest of this location at the time the video was taken.

8) Storm base being illuminated by the sun.

9,10) Some slow rotation in the clouds.

11) Storm base shot with the sun glowing behind.

12) A lowering associated with the severe thunderstorm.

13) Lightning flashes off to the east.

14,15,16,17,18) Hail shots.

19) The sun producing an orange glow below the thunderstorm.

20) Driving towards a wall cloud.

21) Wall cloud and meso on a severe thunderstorm.

22) Hail hitting highway 160.

23) Holding a piece of golfball sized hail next to a quarter.

24) Driving through hail on highway 160.