5/29/2014 New England, ND Hailstorm B-Roll

Severe storms in the Dakotas on Thursday lead to the issuing of a severe storm watch with multiple warnings up and down the cold front. The first storms fired in southwest North Dakota mid-afternoon and lead to several reports of severe hail.

Video was shot near the town of New England, North Dakota, approximately 23 miles south of Dickinson, ND in western Hettinger County.

Scene 1: POV approaching the severe-warned storm.

Scene 2: Shot of storm clouds.

Scene 3: POV approaching rain foot on the storm.

Scene 4-6: Various shots of hail hitting ground.

Scene 7: Two trucks hiding under the trees.

Scene 8-9: Shots of hail hitting the ground.

Scene 10: POV shot of hail covered roadway.

Scene 11: Shot of a car in the hail and rain.

Scenes 12-13: Shots of vehicles in the hail storm.

Scene 14: Shots of hail in the hands, hail measured 1.00\" in diameter.