5/22/2014 Bennett, CO Flash Flood

Another round of severe weather near the Denver area prompted tornado warnings and flash flood warnings as heavy rains continued to pound an already soaked region.  Parts of the area saw flash flooding as storms dumped over 2 inches of rain in less than 30 minutes.  Video package shot near Bennett at US-36 and Kiowa-Bennett Road where many vehicles braved the rushing waters.

Video package highlighted by school bus that took the \"Turn Around, Don\'t Drown\" approach, but got stuck in a ditch full of rising flood waters in an attempt to back out and clear the scene.  No kids were on-board, and a tow truck arrived on-scene as the storm continued and was able to pull the bus out before the water rose much higher.

Scene 1: Wide shot of LP supercell as it passed over Denver as a tornado-warned storm.  It would later become part of the storm complex that lead to the flooding.

Scene 2: Scud cloud from the storm complex south of Bennett.

Scene 3: Wide shot of a cop and another vehicle at the other end of the flash flood across Kiowa-Bennett Road.

Scene 4: Tighter shot of cop with lights on at the other end of the flooded road.

Scene 5: Zoomed shot across flood waters as school bus attempts to turn around.

Scene 6: Shot across the flood waters of school bus stuck in the ditch.

Scene 7: Shot of back of the bus where tires are in the rising ditch waters.

Scene 8: Long shot of the tow truck that happened on scene driving through the rough flood waters, bouncing due to collecting mud as it cleared the waters.

Scene 9: Wide shot of bus and tow truck.

Scene 10: Tow truck pulls bus out of the ditch.

Scene 11-15: Various shots of vehicles driving across rushing waters.

Scene 16: Shot looking down US-36 as more water flows over road.

Scene 17: A large truck and station wagon drive through the flood waters.

Scene 18-19: Shots of vehicles driving through flood waters.

Scene 20-24: Various shots of road with water taken at various angles to show rushing waters.

Scene 25: A look at a sink hole that opened up beside the road.

Scene 26: Shot of Adams County cops blocking US-36 at the flooded intersection as they investigate the danger potential of the sink hole.

Scene 27: A photographer and cop look over the scene.

Scene 28: Looking down the scene as the flood waters cleared with cops in the foreground.