5/21/2014 Byers, CO Hail storm and flooding aftermath

The tornado-warned supercell responsible for several brief tornadoes and large hail created issues all over eastern Colorado, leaving hail several inches deep and water covering area roads. Video package shot just north of Byers, Colorado detailing a lot of the aftermath of the supercell.

Scene 1: Shot of oncoming car driving in hail on US-36 just north of Byers.

Scene 2-3: Shot of cars on US-36 driving in the rain/hail north of Byers.

Scene 4: Shot of hail on the street with a lone golfball stone.

Scene 5: POV approaching road with water rushing over it.

Scene 6-7: Shots of vehicle driving through rushing water over road.

Scene 8-10: Various angles of water rushing over road and pouring into nearby field.

Scene 11-12: Wide shots of water and hail covering road.

Scene 13: A hail island in the midst of rushing water.

Scene 14: Rushing water along the road.

Scene 15: Shot of flooded field with fence nearly inundated.

Scene 16: Wide shot of water over a road.

Scene 17: Holding remnant hail up to an inch in diameter.

Scene 18: Shot of a house with a wintery scene of hail.

Scene 19-20: Shot of mailbox with hail drifts almost a foot deep.

Scene 21-22: Wide shots of landscape showing wintery hail scene.

Scene 23-24: Shots of hail covered roads.