5/21/2014 Bennett, CO Hail Storm On Llamas B-Roll

 A lone, HP supercell storm formed over Denver prompting tornado warnings and a few brief rain-wrapped tornado reports. Large hail was also a problem along with heavy rain as the storm pushed near the airport out east of Denver toward the Bennett area where this video package was shot.

Scene 1: POV approach shot from I-70 of wall cloud before storm became rain-wrapped.

Scene 2: POV shot early in hailstorm just north of Bennett on CO-79

Scene 3: Shot of Kiowa-Bennett road sign with hail on ground.

Scene 4: Shot of vehicle in the falling hail.

Scene 5-7: Shots of vehicle under tree with various zooms of hail hitting it.

Scene 8: Shot of vehicle under tree from behind with llamas taking shelter by the tree.

Scene 9-12: Various shots of llamas in the hail, including a close-up shot of a black llama with hail on its head.

Scene 13-16: Various shots of hail falling in water and on the ground and roads.

Scene 17-18: Static shots of vehicles driving on hail-covered roads.

Scene 19: Shot of tree debris and hail on roof of vehicle.

Scene 20: Shot of vehicles at hail-covered intersection.

Scene 21-22: Shots of hailstones up to golfball size.

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