5/20/2014 Last Chance, CO Hail storm piled up like snow

Brandon Sullivan was in Last Chance Colorado to document the severe storms today.  The hail he encountered looked more like snow piled up on the ground then hail from a thunderstorm.
Shot 1: Shows hail impacting a gas station parking lot.

Shot 2: Shows a tighter shot of a truck being hit by hail.

Shot 3: Shows a motorcyclist being hit by large hail.

Shot 4: Shows large hail falling.

Shot 5: Shows a wide shot of large hail falling.

Shot 6: Shows the thunderstorm before it drops the hail.

Shot 7: Shows a different view of large hail falling.

Shot 8: Shows large amounts of hail collecting.

Shot 9: Shows some hail stones collected.

Shot 10: Shows another view of hail collected.

Shot 11: Shows all the hail that fell and built up.

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