5/18/2014 Wyoming Insane Hail Storm & Funnel Cloud B-Roll

ntense footage of damaging, wind-driven baseball-sized hail pounding car & location from incredible low precipitation supercell (LP Supercell) with cone funnel cloud southwest of Newcastle, WY. Winshield is shattered by baseball-sized hail and footage of tumbleweeds, hail, & debris blown at high velocities past vehicle.

All footage shot during afternoon/evening during daylight of May 18, 2014 near/southwest of Newcastle, WY

Shot List:

1-3. various wide shots of incredible low precipitation supercell structure with mesocyclone and wall cloud southwest of Newcastle, WY
4. wide time lapse shot of incredible supercell structure southwest of Newcastle, WY
5. wide shot of cone funnel cloud & rotating wall cloud near Newcastle, WY
6. pushed-in shot of cone funnel cloud under rotating wall cloud with hail falling near Newcastle, WY
7. pushed-in shot of cone funnel cloud near Newcastle, WY
8. wide shot of rotating wall cloud, dirt kicked up by high winds, & baseball-sized hail falling & shattering on ground near Newcastle, WY
9. wide shot of intense baseball-sized hail battering location & shattering on ground with sounds of hail damaging car near Newcastle, WY
10.pushed-in POV shot of large hail smashing against & shaking windshield
11 & 12. wide (high looking down) shots of baseball-sized hail smashing against car breaking windshield & shattering on road, with high winds
13.wide (low) shot of baseball hail pounding car & shattering on roadway with high winds
14.pushed-in POV shot of large hail bouncing on road & grass with high winds blowing debris & tumbleweeds
15 & 16. wide shots of rotating wall cloud & high winds blowing large hail, debris, & tumble weeds past camera
17.pushed-in POV driving shot of hail-covered highway & large hail falling
18.pushed-in POV driving shot of large hail shattering & accumulating on highway
19.wide POV driving shot of rotating wall cloud in background with shattered windshield from baseball-sized hail in foreground
20.pushed-in shot of shattered windshield from baseball-sized hail in foreground with setting sun in background
21.pushed-in shot looking down on shattered windshield from baseball-sized hail
22.pushed in shot of shattered wind shield from baseball-sized hail
23.pushed-in shot of large dent with chipped paint from baseball-sized hailstones
24.pushed-in panning shot (from right to left) following running Pronghorn deer (called American Antelope) ahead of dangerous supercell thunderstorm near Newcastle, WY
25.pushed-in shot of \"Newcastle\" Wyoming city road sign