5/12/2014 Birmingham, IA Severe Storm B-Roll

Severe storms continued across the Midwest after two previous days of severe weather and tornadoes. A Severe Thunderstorm Watch went up early in the afternoon as numerous storms fired across northern Missouri and moved into southeast Iowa. Storms contained some severe-criteria hail, but mostly posed a wind threat.

Video package shot in and around the town of Birmingham, Iowa in the southeast Iowa in extreme northern Van Buren County.

Scene 1: Wide shot of approaching storm on Birmingham.

Scene 2: Shot of wall cloud with VERY vivid lightning strike.

Scene 3: Wall cloud with another lightning strike.

Scene 4: Wall cloud over house.

Scene 5-7: Various lightning strikes on leading edge of storm.

Scene 8-9: Gusts approaching 70mph blowing rain across the road.

Scene 10: Low visibility POV shot driving down highway.

Scene 11: Cars in very heavy rains.

Scene 12: Car driving very slow on shoulder as hail starts to fall.

Scene 13: Shot looking at street with occasional hailstone up to 1-inch falling.

Scene 14: POV shot approaching the scene where a firetruck has blocked off the road due to several rolls of plastic piping that were blown on and around the road.

Scene 15-16: SUV backing into piping to roll it off the road.

Scene 17-19: Various shots of piping that was blown around.

Scene 20: Trampoline in town blown upside down.

Scene 21-22: Shots of a downed tree in town.