5/11/2014 Seward, NE Tornado Damage B-Roll

A long-track supercell with rain-wrapped tornadoes marched across southeast Nebraska and did damage to many homes in a residential area 6-miles east/southeast of Seward in Seward County, Nebraska. Storm chasers arrived on the scene and called in emergency crews to assess the damage and learned that everyone took the warnings seriously and hid in their basement. No one was injured, but three horses in one of the destroyed barns were missing.

Scene 1: The best shot of a tornado we saw from this storm as it was heavily rain-wrapped. This was southwest of Seward and was part of the storm that was responsible for the damage.

Scene 2-5: Shots immediately after the storm went through of significant damage to a home.

Scene 6-8: Closer shots showing the entire wall gone and the garage seriously damaged.

Scene 9-11: Shots of destroyed garage/barn building with another building damaged in the background.

Scene 12-14: A man walks around the rubble of the garage.

Scene 15-17: Shots of several other significantly damaged buildings.

Scene 18: Shot looking inside a garage with a damaged Camero.

Scene 19-22: Shots of damaged power poles on US-34 east of Seward where the tornado likely crossed the highway.

Scene 23: Shot of a snapped tree off US-34.

Scene 24-27: Shots of emergency vehicles as they arrived on scene after the 9-1-1 call.

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