5/8/2014 Southern IL Heavy Wind & Rains

A line of storms formed across southeast Missouri late Thursday evening and pushed northeast into southern Illinois with reports of wind damage and a gust of 58mph near De Soto as the line pushed through.  In addition, upwards of 0.25\" of rain fell in less than 15 minutes time as the line moved through.  Along the wind damage in Cape Girardeau, some minor ponding of roads occurred from the fast falling rains.

Southern IL is highlighted in a SLIGHT RISK for severe weather on Friday with more heavy rains, damaging winds, and hail possible through the day into the evening hours.

Carbondale, IL is located in Jackson County approximately 1 hour northeast of Cape Girardeau, MO.

Scenes 1-2: POV drive shots in the city of Carbondale as the storm rolled in.

Scene 3: Wide shot of wind blown heavy rains in town.

Scene 4: Wide shot panned to zoomed shot of high winds blowing rains across the road.

Scene 5: Shot of street light with heavy rains falling in the winds as they neared 50mph.

Scene 6: Shot of pickup truck driving through rains.

Scene 7: Oncoming pickup truck in heavy rains.

Scene 8: Wind blowing a tree in the heavy rains.

Scene 9: Oncoming car in heavy rains.

Scene 10: POV shot looking at water pooled up at an intersection as a car sits in front of the ponding.

Scene 11: Several cars drive through water that had ponded up over US-51 in downtown Carbondale.

Scene 12-13: Oncoming cars drive through ponding and splash water.

Scene 14: A large van drives through some minor ponding.

Scene 15: Oncoming car hits ponding.

Scene 16: General traffic shot after waters receded.