5/7/2014 Carterville, IL Above Average Heat B-Roll

Well above average temperatures have settled in to southern Illinois.  The average high temperatures across the region in early May are in the mid 70s.  Highs on Wednesday flirting with 90 degrees for the first time all year are just shy of records in the low to mid 90s.  Breezy conditions are also in the area leading to above average fire danger.  Even with recent rains, top brush is still very dry and can easily burn as has shown in the last couple weeks with numerous small fires.

Video package shot in and around Carterville, Illinois in southern IL which is approximately 2 hours south/southeast of St. Louis.

Scene 1: Establishing shot over Crab Orchard Lake just outside Carterville of people fishing.

Scene 2: Wide shot of two people fishing.

Scene 3-4: Shot of a group of kids on the dock fishing.

Scene 5: Close up of two guys fishing.

Scene 6: Close up of a guy fishing.

Scene 7-8: Woman walking on a path in a tank top in the park, second shot a close up as she walks by camera.

Scene 9: Man walking on the park path.

Scene 10: Wide shot of car wash.

Scene 11-14: Various shots of people at the car wash cleaning cars.

Scene 15: Wide shot of Crab Orchard Golf Course.

Scene 16-21: Various shots of golfers golfing.

Scene 22-24: Shots of landscaping guys.

Scene 25-26: Shots of dry ground outside of Carterville.