5/6/2014 Wichita, KS Record Heat B-Roll

After Sunday\'s record high of 102, (creating power outages to over 10,000 customers due to the early season demand for air conditioning) Wichita is setting another record today. The record today is only a daily record high temperature. Sunday, it was the earliest in the year that Wichita had seen the century mark. As of 4:00PM, Wichita\'s temperature had soared to 99 degrees, with other locations in south-central Kansas topping the century mark.***

TRT – 2:07

Shot List

1) Two shirtless guys walking a dog in downtown Wichita.

2) Two women riding bikes with one taking a drink of water while doing so.

3) A shirtless man on a kaiak in the Arkansas River.

4) A mother and son out fishing in the heat.

5,6) Shots of buildings in downtown Wichita with the blazing sun overhead.

7) A shot from the river of downtown Wichita.

8,9) \"Keeper of the Plains\", a statue that overlooks the Arkansas river in downtown Wichita, is praying for relief from the heat and rain. This is the driest start to the year that Wichita has seen since the years of the Dust Bowl.

10,11) A banks time and temperature sign shows a temperature of 99 shortly after 3:00PM central.

12,13) A linesman that is still out working on Wichita\'s power system after Sunday\'s system overload, which left over 10,000 people in the dark Sunday evening. The system overload was due to so many customers turing on their air conditioners and the electrical system not prepared for the demand. Some stations were down for maintenance since summertime heat was not expected for at least another month.

14) A tagged out ground line where the electrical company is working to get the system up and running to handle the demand for electricity during the mini heat wave.

15) Girls taking photos at a downtown fountain.

16) Downtown Wichita shot.

17) American flag shot.