4/23/2014 Meade County Kansas Funnel Cloud and Hail B-Roll

***A beautiful low precipitation supercell produces a small funnel, up to golf ball sized hail, and jaw dropping storm structure over southwest Kansas.***

Shot List

1) Funnel cloud

2) Storm structure right before the storm goes severe warned.

3) Hail falling on the highway.

4) Hail falling in the grass.

5) Updraft base on a severe thunderstorm.

6) Hail falling in a field.

7) Hail falling from the sky northwest of the mesocyclone.

8) Rainbow and hail shaft shot.

9) Hail falling on the highway.

10,11) Storm structure shots.

12) Hail falling in a small Kansas town.

13) Hail falling along the highway.

14) Storm base (base of the mesocyclone).

15) Jaw dropping shot of a severe warned low-precipitaion supercell near sunset.

16) Sun falling below the base of the LP supercell.

17) Beautiful storm colors at sunset after RFD tears the storms base apart.