4/23/2014 Harmon County, OK Wind Driven Large Hail B-Roll

A long-track supercell developed as part of a small regional severe weather outbreak. This storm formed in the southeastern Texas Panhandle and crossed into Oklahoma as a hailer, dumping copious amount of wind-driven hail up to golfball sized and accumulated that hail several inches deep on area roads. This storm system is a teaser to what is expected to be a very active weekend across the Plains.

Video shot in Harmon County, OK about 15 miles south of Erick, Oklahoma.

Scene 1-3: Establishing shots of a loosely organized wall cloud and ominous clouds.

Scene 4: Shot of the Harmon County, OK county limit sign along OK-30.

Scene 5: Shot during the storm of the HWY-30/RD-1400 sign.

Scene 6: Wide shot with a stop sign as hailstorm gathers steam.

Scene 7-11: Various shots of heavy falling hail up to golfball size falling, bouncing off the ground, and NAT sounds of it hitting car.

Scene 12: Shot of embankment covered in several inches of hail.

Scene 13: Shot of two vehicles pulled over toward end of storm with hail covering highway.

Scene 14: POV driving shot approaching pulled over vehicles by hail-covered road.

Scene 15: POV drive shot showing heavy hail accumulation on highway.

Scene 16-18: POV driving shots following vehicles/vehicles passing on hail covered highway.

Scene 19: Shots toward end of storm showing cracked windshield with hail accumulation in backdrop.