4/18/2014 Western, MN High Winds B-Roll

Video Package highlighting the very strong and gusting winds near the wind advisory areas of far western Minnesota and eastern South Dakota.

Video includes:

1-2. Footage of roofing shingles being blown back

3. Blow up Easter Bunnies being thrown and tossed around in the 40MPH winds.

4.POV of the blowing Easter Bunny

5.Strong wind gusts ripping apart a US flag and bending the pole to near breaking point.

6.Tress blowing in the strong winds with small branches breaking off.

7. US Highway 75 curve road signs twisting and bending while shaking severely in the 50MPG gusts.

8. Local large lakes near Graceville MN with the Ice swept off the newly opened water by 50MPH wind gusts and whitecaps to 2 feet high!