3/25/2014 Lafayette, IN Snow Showers

After a morning cold front brings mid 20\'s to the greater Lafayette area, the strong sunlight of late March creates enough instability for scattered snow showers to form with blue skies in between creating beautiful atmospherics and the occasional blast of moderate snowfall.

Scene 1: Flags blow in the wind as moderate snowfall fills the air.

Scene 2: Traffic drives through a brief snow shower just outside of Lafayette, IN.

Scene 3: Wide shot of traffic during a snow shower.

Scene 4: Traffic in the snow fall.

Scene 5: A close up of the photogenic light snowfall being blown around in the wind.

Scene 6: The sun shines brightly as a distant snow storm closes in on the greater Lafayette are.

Scene 7: Traffic sits at an intersection as the sky grows dark.

Scene 8: Wide shot of wind turbines.

Scene 9: Close up of a wind turbine and flags in the wind.

Scene 10: A train passes through downtown Lafayette, IN.

Scene 11: Tippecanoe County courthouse with blue skies in between passing snow showers.

Scene 12: Construction workers beginning Spring renovations.

Scene 13: Close up of Construction workers.

Scene 14: A woman walking her dog.

Scene 15: A man rides his bike down the road.