3/24/2014 Southern IL Rare Late March Snow

While it snowed this late in March last year, this is only the 3rd time in the last 25 years it has snowed this late in the year across southern Illinois.  While there were no accumulations beyond a dusting on colder surfaces, it was a reminder that even with the Spring tease of the weekend, winter was still hanging on.  Temperatures are expected to remain in the 40s through Wednesday before Spring starts to make its return into the weekend.

Video package shot in Carbondale late Monday evening as several bands of snow moved through.  Most of the snow melted on the warmer surfaces, but there was still evidence of it falling on cars and other surfaces.  Carbondale is located approximately 2 hours south/southeast of St. Louis in southern Illinois.

Scene 1-2: Wide shots of light snow falling on passing traffic along US-51 heading into Carbondale.

Scene 3-4: Shots of heavier falling snow in street lights in Carbondale.

Scene 5: Panning shot in headlights as vehicle illuminates falling snow.

Scene 6: Shot of heavier falling snow in lights.

Scene 7: Shot of snow falling in street light.

Scene 8-9: Shots of people in a parking lot with light snow falling.

Scene 10-12: Shots of snow covering vehicle roofs.

Scene 13: Shot of snow in headlights of parked car.

Scene 14-15: POV drive shots of snow falling.