3/23/2014 Adorable Spring Weather in Sarasota, FL

Big HD video package of true signs of Spring in FL.  Fresh fluffy orange baby Sandhill Crane chick waddles through neighborhood with parents.  Shots of spring breakers on Turtle Beach.  People rollerblading, jogging and bicycling on Legacy Trail bike path.  Shots of spring time flora.   TRT 3:34

1)  Sandhill crane area sign
2)  Parent sandhill cranes with super cute orange baby chick in grass.
3,4) Two tight shots of baby chick being fed by parents.
5) Wide shot of parents and chick on lawn.
6) Med shot of chick on lawn.
7) Tracking shot of chick waddling away with parents.
8) Shot of wild flowers on Turtle Beach with beach umbrella behind.
9) Shot down path to beach with people in hats and beach chairs. Boat speeds thru from on Gulf of Mexico.
10,11,12,13)  Four shots sun worshipers on beach with beach umbrellas.
14)  Couple standing in water looking out over Gulf of Mexico.
15) Shot of Legacy Trail biking path sign.
16) Guy rollerblading on path and sweating.
17) Cyclists ride through frame and guy jogs after them.
18, 19)  Two more shots of cyclist on legacy trail bike path.
20,21,22,23,24) Five shots various of flowing shrubs.  (hibiscus, bougainvillea, etc.)
25) Shot of FL wildflower \"black eyed susan\"