3/22/2014 Lafayette, IN Spring B-Roll

After a couple days of Spring warmth, colder air returns to Central Indiana with cloudy skies. Residents head out into the 30\'s intent on enjoying the now snow-free outdoors.

Scene 1: Wide shot of a man walking his dog in Lafayette, IN.

Scene 2: Narrow shot of man walking dog.

Scene 3: Jogger on Purdue campus in West Lafayette, IN.

Scene 4: Jogger continues down the road.

Scene 5: Woman walking dog.

Scene 6: Kids playing on sidewalk.

Scene 7: Woman walking dog.

Scene 8: Boy riding bike in Lafayette, IN.

Scene 9: Woman walking dog in West Lafayette, IN.

Scene 10: Man carrying skate board in Winter attire.

Scene 11: Baby Geese learning to fly at the Celery Bog nature preserve in West Lafayette, IN.

Scene 12: Geese enjoying an ice free swim.

Scene 13: A group of geese scavenging for food.

Scene 14: Geese with Swan in background.