3/16/2014 Southern IL Heavy Snow Footage

Is this winter\'s last gasp for southern IL?  It\'s the big question as a winter storm moved in on Sunday less than 24 hours after the region saw temperatures in the upper 60s to low 70s.  While not much snow accumulation is expected, up to a couple inches at best, it has broken the streak of warm days seen across southern Illinois where high temperatures have been 50-degrees or better since March 7.

Video package shot in Carbondale, Illinois in Jackson County where the high temperatures on Saturday, less than 24 hours ago, reached 68-degrees.  Gusty winds have also been experienced with gusts up to 30mph consistently through the day.

Carbondale is located approximately 2 hours south/southeast of St. Louis.

Scene 1-2: Establishing shots at the \"Welcome to Carbondale\" sign with very heavy snow falling.

Scene 3: Bank thermometer reading 33-degrees mid-afternoon with heavy snow falling.

Scene 4: Close-up of a tree blowing in the wind with very heavy snow falling.

Scene 5: Girl with umbrella walking away from camera with snow falling.

Scene 6: Guy lokcing his car and walking away in heavy falling snow.

Scene 7: Girl walking in very heavy snow.

Scene 8-9: Two guys just getting off a bus walking with luggage in heavy snow.

Scene 10: Shot of traffic on a downtown Carbondale road in heavy falling snow.

Scene 11: Car with wipers going in heavy falling snow.

Scene 12: POV driving along US-51 on north side of town with biker in the heavy snow.

Scene 13-14: Snow plows driving toward camera in heavy snow.

Scene 15: POV driving in heavy snow along US-51 on north side of town.

Scene 16: POV angled toward trees on side of the road showing heavy falling snow.

Scene 17: POV driving through heavy snow with oncoming traffic.

Scene 18: Parking car with snow covering hood and windshield.

Scene 19: A pickup pulls out of a parking lot in heavy falling snow.

Scene 20-22: Various close shots of trees with heavy snow falling in front of them.