3/16/2014 Santa Cruz CA Hot Day At The Beach

Summer like temps in Northern California. Santa Cruz CA. HD video of boardwalk and beach at Santa Cruz CA Sunday afternoon as unseasonably warm temps approach 80F. TRT 3m32s

1) Santa Cruz beach sign.
2) Wide shot of Santa Cruz beach and beach goers from boardwalk pier.
3) Another shot down coast of people on beach in March 80F temps.
4) Blonde woman runs out into water and dives under loses sunglasses and screams from cold water (water is 58F.)
5) Guy with droopy drawers in surf.
6) Couple doing some odd acrobatic yoga on the beach.
7) Wide shot of beach goers and umbrellas wit board walk in background.
8) Large group of sea lions in water.
9) Close shot of sea lions with two \"kissing\"
10) People watching sea lions from pier.
11) Women in sun hats watching sea lions from pier.
12) Women with sun umbrella watching sea lions from pier.
13) Seagull perched on pier.
14) Buff shirtless guy walking boardwalk.
15,16) Two shots of people in summer clothes strolling the carnival area of waterfront with coasters behind.
17) Classic Santa Cruz architecture shot with palm.
18) Shot of coastal lighthouse on cliff with surf pounding the base.